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Scott C. Virtes

Escondido, CA 92026
760-644-8885 -- Contact Me


Currently looking for data-driven web-development work or multimedia contracts, preferably with an organized team and a solid future. $20-50 per hour, depending on complexity and length of project. My strengths are in database design, web interfaces, large-scale modular code, project analysis, and multimedia.

Technology Skills

Programming Languages/Tools: PHP (3-5), HTML, XML, CSS, Coldfusion (7-9), AJAX, Delphi (1.0-6.0), Visual C++, Visual Basic (3.0-6.0), ASP, 4D (6.59, 2003), JavaScript, VBScript, Oracle 8i, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, some Python, some Java, some Lua.

Multimedia Tools: Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Imagine 3-D, Adobe Premiere, Midisoft Session, ModEdit, CoolEdit (now Adobe Audition), Macromedia Director, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion, QuickTime, POV-Ray, Ulead Video Studio.
2002-04: New experience in film production, direction, and video editing. Including Illusion, Ulead Video Studio.

Environments: Windows 3.X through 7, and basic Linux/Solaris operations.

Methodology: Extensive object-oriented design & development experience; data needs, analysis & design; requirements & usability analysis; frameworks, templates and core library development.

Current Job

4/96 - present: SCV Systems, Escondido, CA.
Software & web development. This is my ongoing consulting business. Except for a few clients (below) who hired me directly, this has been my continual occupation. Business owner, manager & lead programmer.
Have also done contract work in multimedia scriptwriting, project management, video post-production, testing, graphics, documentation, and sound FX. Developed games, multimedia titles & websites, including:


  • Close-Up on San Diego Business (2014-5): I pull guest spots from this radio show and convert to videos for YouTube [audio/video]
  • (2015): complex ecommerce site [ColdFusion]
  • (2014-5): online sports site with extensive back-end for player registrations [ColdFusion]
  • (2012-13): maintenance, add Spanish version [PHP]
  • (2012-13): a non-profit in Coachella that rescues unharvested food from farms and gives it to the needy millions of pounds of it! [Graphtek CMS]
  • (2013): online stamp collectibles business [PHP, MySQL]
  • (2012): updates, new sub pages, searches [ASP]
  • (2012-14): new site for the Utah Opera Company [PHP, MySQL]
  • (2012-date): online stamp collectibles business [PHP, MySQL]
  • (2012-14): maintenance [ASP, Flash]
  • (2011-12): online custom boat quoting system [ColdFusion, SQL Server] (sorry, login needed, no public access)
  • (2011-5): massive all-in-one business/accounting platform [ColdFusion]
  • (2011-date): online stamp collectibles business [PHP, MySQL]
  • (2010-date): online stamp collectibles business [PHP, MySQL]
  • (2009-11): search engine with extensive backend accounting & advertising engine. [lead developer, using PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS, some AJAX] (defunct in 2012)
  • Lee Clark Stamps (2008-date), complete site for a large stamp dealer
  • My casino Career (2008), complete site - casino industry jobs
  • ECD Educational (2006-7), a group of Sylvan Learning Centers, database & reporting (gone since 2011)
  • Lost Canyons Golf Course (2006-7), e-commerce
  • Short Hills Surgical Center (2006), online directory of doctors
  • the Actors Playground (2005-7), online acting/improv group, including my filmmaking projects
  • Phillips Films Ltd (2004-7), filmmaker website
  • G3MEX Real Estate (2005-6), complete site & admin site
  • Cal State San Marcos - School of Extended Studies (2005-6), e-commerce class registration & admin tools
  • Mitigo Partners (2005), e-commerce & admin tools
  • (2003), online survey/database for the Air Medical Rescue Leadership Congress
  • ScottV Tales (1996-now), my writing home page
  • ScottV Stamps (1996-now), my stamp collectibles business
  • SCV Systems (1996-now), my web development business


  • "Left Behind: Tribulation Force" (2006-7) (Left Behind Games) - major Christian video game; I did the game mechanics, base unit dialog, and voice talent production, but my pieces were largely overwritten during development
  • "ScreenTime Studio" (2000-02) (ScreenTime Multimedia); - tool for image and video conversion to screensavers
  • "Beat the House 2", "Caesars Palace Video Poker" and "Caesars Palace Slots" (1997-8) (Interplay)
  • "Arthur: The King, The Sword, The Legend" (5 CD adventure game) (1996-7) (Corel Corp), never released!
  • "The Nemesis Mission" (1997) (Encore Entertainment)
  • "AlphaDrive Magazine" (1997-99), CD-ROM magazine then webzine
  • "Splatt!" and "Galactic Miner" (1995-6) (Wiz Technologies)
  • "OSHA Training Manager", "EHS Training Director", "EHS Training Reference Guide" (1994-6) (EHS Software)

Full credits here.

Tools used: Klik & Play, Click & Create, Visual C++ (4.2/5.0), Visual Basic (3-6), Delphi (1-6), Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Imagine 3-D, Javascript, Adobe Audition, Paint Shop Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP (3-4). See SCV Systems Website for details.

Previous/Parallel Work Experience

3/04-12/04: Golden Hour Data Systems
Medical billing systems and clinical charting, supporting the air medical transport industry. I overhauled the charge sheet system per Medicare billing standards, and implemented the full ICD9 coding library (11,000 International codes for diseases and injuries). Improved usability and compliance of the application. Tools used: 4D 6.59, 4D 2003, Citrix.

5/02-11/02: Fox Studios Baja, Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Background actor in $130 million dollar film, "The Far Side of the World", starring Russell Crowe, directed by Peter Weir. Portrayed a Royal Navy sailor from 1806. Included storm work, tall ship sailing (on the HMS Rose), swordfighting, grappling, fistfighting (combat training by Dan Speaker), flintlock rifles & pistols, cannon operations. A lot of old-fashioned hard work. And my very own death scene ... Tools used: Guns, sabers, cannons, things that go boom. A nice change of pace!

12/00-11/01: SeminarSource Inc, San Diego CA (defunct)
Large commercial web site for memberships in national organizations, with customers like the American Counseling Assoc. Senior developer: I designed the system, including their crucial "Call for Papers" application, I wrote the core data-access classes, most of the top-level dynamic pages, the in-house bug-tracking system, and the page-branding engine. Also database design, feature analysis & specification. Company imploded after Sept 11 attacks, due to crucial funding being terminated. Tools used: PHP4, Oracle 8i, SQL, XML, Javascript. OS: Win2000, Solaris.

7/99-10/00: Solutions Media Inc, San Diego CA (defunct)
Large commercial online music site. Senior engineer: I wrote their entire e-commerce system, most of the data-access classes, and most of the top-level dynamic pages. Database design, feature analysis & specification. Included, Tools used: PHP3, Oracle, SQL, Javascript. OS: WinNT, Solaris, Linux.

10/98-4/99: AlliedSignal/Nupnet, Torrance CA.
Large aerospace database/intranet projects involving parts tracking, MIL standard compliance, change tracking; including support for the International Space Station project. Project terminated while AlliedSignal was being bought up by Honeywell. Tools used: VB 6.0 and Oracle, ASP, Javascript, ADO, MTS, SQL.


1984 - 1986: State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY. Linguistics major, also studied physics & mathematics.

1989 - 1990: Palomar College, San Marcos CA. Mathematics major, also studied physics & astronomy. No computer courses. I learned more from books than classes.


I have had over 450 pieces of fiction, poetry, artwork, and articles published in over 80 magazines since 1986. Bylines include Analog, Beyond, Space & Time, Doppelganger, Star*Line, Dreams & Nightmares, and others. Novels are in progress. Short story collection "Year of the Twist" now available at Wrote the full screenplay for "Arthur: the King, the Sword, the Legend" (CD-ROM for Corel Corp). Short films also written, directed and produced. See my writing home for complete details.