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Well, you know ... It's not that I can't stick to just one thing, it's just that variety is the spice of life. Here's my "film side":

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"Vincent": new film done! - 2006-11-22

I've finally wrapped up a short film ("Vincent") that had over a year of frustrations in post-production. The worst problem was not having any time left at the end of the day to work on it.

For a good look at the "no-budget filmmaker" life, check out this link:
The Making of "Vincent"

Hard to do all this stuff alone, but no reliable help could be found.

two original dark comedies on youTube - 2006-11-22

I just posted two of our older short films on YouTube.

Check out
the Siberians
Psyched out

These two are quirky comedies. Enjoy!

the Crawl in the can - 2005-09-15

We finished filming "The Crawl" on the 4th of July. I got a rough draft done in early September. Still more work to go on this one ...

The Crawl - in production - 2005-06-13

I just finished an intense 3 day film shoot for my horror/crime drama "The Crawl". Just one more day to go ... probably the 4th of July.

I posted my production logs and some photos to the new website.

Check it out

Enjoy. ;-)

Films everywhere! - 2005-05-20

I have over an hour of scripts being filmed in the next few weeks. I will be tackling my dark crime drama "The Crawl", while Cohen will be filming "Nightbeat 2 & 3" out in Missouri. All kinds of twists and turns and action ... stay tuned for more info!

Tech Support Blues - 2005-02-08

At long last, my short film "Tech Support Blues" is available on DVD.
For more info, check it out.

I've begun doing the visual f/x for "The Siberians", so the rough cut is moving along toward a final cut. Maybe 2 more weeks of (very part-time) work on this one. It's a wild one.

See Arnold Run - 2005-01-31

The movie-of-the-week "See Arnold Run" was on A&E last night. They did a pretty good job with it. My face is never visible though, I'm just a shirt with a TV camera. Was a fun time. Got plenty of sun!

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Film-related credits:
Cursed Waters (30-minute horror film) [Summer 2004] - Directed by Cohen Phillips. My role: co-author, idea guy.
Tech Support Blues (12-minute technology parody) [March 2004] - An Actors Playground project. My role: writer, producer, director, editor, cameraman.
Ms. North (8-minute offbeat character sketch) [March 2004] - An Actors Playground project. My role: writer, producer, director, editor, cameraman.
Voice of the Dead (30-minute horror film) [March 2004] - Directed by Cohen Phillips. My role: writer, idea guy.
Psyched Out (12-minute comedy) [Feb 2004] - An Actors Playground project. My role: writer, producer, assistant director, editor.
Mr. Graves (10-minute paranoid fantasy) [in POST] - Directed by Jorge Lopez, an Actors Playground co-project. My role: writer, co-producer, video editor, sound engineer.
Into the Dead Room (30-minute twisted drama) [Nov 2003] - Directed by Jeff Branch. My role: writer, script supervisor.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Major Motion Picture) [Nov 14, 2003] - Directed by Peter Weir, starring Russell Crowe. My role: background actor - swordfighting, storm scenes, tall ship sailing.
Arthur: the King, the Sword, the Legend (CD-ROM adventure game) [Sep 1998] - produced for Corel Corp but they sold off this product line and it was shelved.. My role: writer, world designer, lead programmer, video post-production.
The Adventures of Shrimp E. Shrimp (PC cartoon game) [Aug 1997] - It's still out there, somewhere.. My role: writer, creator, art director.

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