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Our online stamp business,
with links to our EBay lots!
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my software company, feel free to drop in!
(on hold at the moment)


[ Writing ]
fiction & poetry
[ The Weird ]
unexplainable odds & ends
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raw journal excerpts

Year of the Twist --
a short story collection published by Writers Club Press

the OTHER secret house --
a poetry chapbook published by Lockout Press

insomnia f/x --
an electronic poetry chapbook
at truefire.com

[ Stamps ]
a fairly massive site for stamp collectors
[ Software Credits ]
all the software I've ever worked on, a fun list
[ Music ]
info & some downloadable samples
[ Photography ]
my photo gallery - cats, animals, plants, outdoors ...

some fun places to go to

Fun statistics: a.k.a. when I say I like to keep busy, I really mean it:
Type of Writing # Written # Published
Short Stories 247 82
Poems 1000+ 163
Screenplays/Scripts 2 2
Nonfiction articles 35+ 17
Software Manuals/Docs 16 16
Magazine Issues Edited/Published - 11
Utility Software Contributed to - 27
Game Software Contributed to - 20
Gaming Articles 4 2

I do have some copies of the issue with my story in it. Will send them out at $5 each (includes postage in US). So, if you missed the issue, you can still get one here!

Email me using this online form.

Time goes on, cells die. Stories are coming & going without words.

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