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If you have a project you think we can help with, please contact Scott Virtes by email, or call 760-644-8885 to schedule an appointment. While SCV Systems has had an office with up to 7 employees, I prefer to work alone these days. Check out my web/software resume or my film resume if you'd like to know more.

I'm a senior-level web and database developer, and spent years doing graphics, games and software applications before that. Here are the services I can offer, and a glimpse at my past project history.


Services offered: database design, implementation. Oracle, MySQL, postgreSQL, preferably with web page front-ends. Past projects:
  • Golden Hour Data Systems: senior 4D programmer
  • SeminarSource: Oracle: assistant DBA, senior developer
  • Solutions Media (, Oracle: senior database developer, included an ambitious intranet project for Maytag
  • AlliedSignal (now part of Honeywell): Oracle: junior developer
  • Scott Virtes stamps - MySQL database backend
  • Scott Virtes writing - flatfile backend


Services offered: design, implementation, dynamic content. PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript. Past projects:

Windows/Win95 Programming:

Services offered: programming in Delphi, C++, Visual Basic; multimedia scripting in Click & Create. In the list of projects, I try to recall which tools were used for which projects.

Past projects: Applications:

  • Automated Configuration Management System (ACMS), AlliedSignal, 1/99 - ASP
  • AlbumPager (1.0), scv systems, 12/98 (1.1: 7/01) - Delphi
  • ScreenTime Studio (1.0), Macsourcery 9/98 - Delphi
  • NGBuilder (1.0),, 7/98 - Delphi
  • various utilities for scv systems, 1996-2001 - Delphi, VB
  • V.I.She Personal Assistant, V.I.She Corp, 7/96 - Delphi
  • SoftCard Studio, Komodoware, 3/95 - VB4
  • EHS Training Regs, EHS Software, 12/94 - VB4
  • EHS Training Reference Guide, EHS Software, 11/94 - VB4
  • EHS Training Director (v2.0), EHS Software, 10/94 - VB4
  • OSHA Training Manager (Windows v1.1), CSI, 2/94 - VB3

Past projects: Games:

  • Caesar's Palace Imperial Slots, Interplay/Cetasoft 9/98 - C++, Jscript
  • Caesar's Palace Video Poker, Interplay/Cetasoft 2/98 - C++
  • Beat the House 2, Interplay/Cetasoft 11/97 - C++
  • The Adventure of Shrimp E. Shrimp, scv systems 5/97 - Click & Create
  • Stamp Tycoon, scv systems 7/96 - Delphi
  • Nemesis II: Return of the Dragon Force, Komodoware/EncoreEnt 2/96 - Click & Create
  • ARTHUR: The King, the Sword, the Legend (Corel Corp; sold to Hoffmann & Assoc, scheduled for Fall 98 on DVD, not released by Hoffmann) - C++, tools written in Delphi
  • Galactic Miner, Komodoware/DSR/WizTechnologies, 9/95 - Click & Create
  • The Nemesis Mission, Komodoware/DSR, 8/95 - Click & Create
  • Splatt!, Komodoware/24Karat/WizTechnologies, 8/95 - Click & Create
  • Gerbil Wars, freeware, 5/95; online edition 11/97 - Click & Create
  • Nemesis, Komodoware/24Karat/WizTechnologies, 5/95 - Click & Create
  • Space Tycoon, Komodoware, 2/95 - Delphi
  • Zombie Castle, Komodoware, 1/95 - Delphi
  • MineScan & other shareware games 1993-96 - VB

I'm not looking for software development work at this time.


Services offered: design, scanning, image conversions. Paint Shop Pro guru. I've contributed graphics to just about every web page and piece of software mentioned on this page. Plus, I have had over 100 illustrations pubilshed over the years. I was book cover designed for samsDotPublishing for a few years. For a gallery of Scott's graphics, check this out.


I have a lot of fun producing sound FX, from CD-audio quality down to the smallest 11KHz chirp. I have budget equipment, but an ear for quality. With digital sound processing and noise reduction tools, I will always provide clean sounds. I can also provide music scores, from classical to rock & techno; MOD, MIDI, WAV, MP3.

Sound/music is definitely a part-time pursuit for me, but I do have archives which may have what you need, and I will consider new projects. Past projects:

  • Left Behind: Tribulation Force (DVD), Left Behind Games, 2005-7
  • AlphaDrive 003, (Web) scv systems 4/99 (all sound f/x and music)
  • AlphaDrive 01, (CD-ROM) scv systems 9/97 (all sound f/x and music)
  • AlphaDrive 002, (web) scv systems 5/98 (all sound f/x and music)
  • The Adventure of Shrimp E. Shrimp, scv systems 5/97 (all sound f/x & music)
  • ARTHUR: The King, the Sword, the Legend, Corel Corp (most of the sound f/x)
  • A Zillion Sounds, Beachware 1997 (we contributed a few hundred sound f/x)
  • I contributed sound f/x to most of the game titles listed above
  • Intro musical themes for: Nemesis, Splatt
For sound f/x work associated with film projects, see the next section.


I have done a variety of film projects in the past 3 years. My film resume is here.


One last note. I'm also a sci-fi, fantasy, horror author with over 500 pieces published since 1986. My works have appeared in Nature, Analog, Space & Time, Planet, and elsewhere. Visit my writings page for tons of listings, free stuff to read & more.


Sure, it's easy to say I can do all this stuff. But what about clients? In the past few years, I have produced software, sound, graphics or websites for:
  • eFootbridge
  • Cal State University San Marcos
  • Allied Signal / Honeywell
  • Corel Corp
  • Softdisk
  • Wiz Technologies
  • Komodoware
  • Beachware
  • Cetasoft/Interplay
  • InterVu (now part of Akamai)
  • MacSourcery (now Screentime Media)