Who wrote this weird stuff?

Our authors:

Camille Alexa lives in an Edwardian home painted a hundred shades of white. Her work appears in Fantasy Magazine, ChiZine, Escape Pod, and various anthologies. A collection of her speculative fiction and poetry, Push of the Sky, is forthcoming from Hadley Rille Books. Find more information and an updated bibliography at camillealexa.wordpress.com.

Matt Betts is a former radio personality whose fiction and poetry appears in numerous publications, including Weird Tales, Kaleidotrope, A Thousand Faces and the Triangulation: Taking Flight anthology. He’s okay putting his left arm in, but shaking it all about makes him nauseous.

Matthew Bey is a writer and editor living in Austin, Texas. He co-edits the zine Space Squid and the fiction page of RevolutionSF.com. On his blog, Zombie Lapdance, he discusses weird food and various other topics.

Kali Black was born in Sydney and hasn't died permanently since. She currently lives in Australia and works in music & events management whilst studying science. A lifelong ecstatic pagan, she is the author of Raising Hell: Subversive Spirituality, Insurrectionist Witchcraft and Black Magic, published by Megalithica Books. Her virtues, vices, passions and influences are too numerous to list.

Keyan Bowes is frequently ambushed by stories, and took the 2007 Clarion Workshop for science fiction and fantasy writers in self defense. Keyan’s work has been accepted by Strange Horizons, Lucrezia, Big Pulp and Expanded Horizons, and will be included in another anthology, The Leonardo Variations. Under a different name, she has a non-fiction book published by John Wiley. She lives on the Internet with her perfectly networked family of four members in five cities, and is currently at work on two novels, and separately on another book that will be more enlightening than entertaining.

Sharon Bray is a freelance journalist, photographer, poet, forager and farmer. Her works have been published in journals, newspapers and anthologies. In 1992 with her last $90, she established The Enterprise, Bucksport, Maine’s weekly newspaper; and continued as publisher and editor until 1992 when she sold it to its present independent publisher.

Rob Brooks enjoys writing speculative fiction of all kinds, and has had poetry published in Scifaikuest, Daikaijuzine, and Chimaera Serials. He has also had fiction published in A Thousand Faces, Arkham Tales, and the forthcoming anthology Malpractice: An Anthology of Bedside Terror. He lives in Indiana with his wife and their two sons, and can be contacted at robbrooksfirstnovel.blogpot.com.

Cathy Buburuz lives in the Great White North where she edits Champagne Shivers, Expressions, and the Potter's Field anthologies. She's enjoyed publication in many fine venues over the years including Dark Wisdom, Tales of the Talisman, Space and Time, Wicked Karnival, City Slab: Urban Tales of the Grotesque, and Midnight Street. During the summer months, Cathy likes to hang out in the gambling halls and saloons in the historic town of Deadwood, South Dakota where she often stays in Room 313 at the Bullock Hotel, reputed to be the most haunted room in Deadwood. During the winter months, Cathy tosses a few logs into the fireplace to keep warm, and bangs out stories and poems long into the night.

Tyree Campbell is a retired U. S. Army sergeant with some 110 short stories, three novels, and two dozen poems to his credit to date. His work has been nominated for the James Tiptree Jr. Award, for the Spectrum and the Lambda, and he is a third-place Rhysling finalist. His third novel, The Dice of God, about a runaway sex slave in search of a purpose, was released on 1 August 2009. He resides in Iowa with his wife Beth and assorted domesticated denizens. Oh, and he also edits and publishes stuff, including this book.

Christopher M. Cevasco's publishing credits include stories that have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Black Static, The Leading Edge, Allen K's Inhuman, Twilight Tales, Flashquake, Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries, and A Field Guide To Surreal Botany (Two Cranes Press), among several other magazines and anthologies. His poetry has been or will be featured in Dark Wisdom and Star*Line. He was the editor/publisher of Paradox: The Magazine Of Historical And Speculative Fiction. He was a 2006 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop and a 2007 graduate of the Taos Toolbox writers' workshop.

James Dorr's new book, ,b>Darker Loves: Tales Of Mystery And Regret, was released December 2007 by Dark Regions Press as a companion to a previous collection, Strange Mistresses: Tales Of Wonder And Romance. Other work has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, New Mystery, Aboriginal SF, Fantastic Stories, Dark Wisdom, Gothic.Net, Chi-Zine, Enigmatic Tales (UK), Faeries (France), and numerous anthologies.

Jim Ehmann is a Kentucky native living in Portland, Oregon. He is a research grant administrator for a medical university. In addition to writing fiction, he enjoys sixty-mile bike rides, Thai cooking, collecting edible wild mushrooms, gardening, and the Portland Trailblazers of the National Basketball Association. He strongly prefers to write after midnight, much to the dismay of his wife and two black cats.

More than two hundred poems by Kendall Evans, including numerous collaborations with David C. Kopaska-Merkel, have appeared in various science fiction, fantasy and horror magazines, anthologies, and chapbooks. He and David also collaborated on "The Tin Men", which received the SFPA 2006 Rhysling Award for best science fiction poem (long poem category), and the chapbook Separate Destinations. This is his second collaboration with Wilson.

Karina Fabian is the official transcriber for DragonEye, PI, where Sister Grace of the story works with her dragon partner Vern. She was very pleased that Grace allowed her to share the mystery of her magical voice. She has two DragonEye, PI, novels: Magic, Mensa and Mayhem (out) and Live and Let Fly (coming late 2009), both from Swimming Kangaroo Books. When not feeding the dragon's ego by writing their stories, Karina writes award-winning science fiction. Learn about Vern and Grace at www.dragoneyepi.net and Karina at www.fabianspace.com.

Joshua Gage is the author of the 40 chorus poem "Deep Cleveland Lenten Blues," available as a chapbook from Deep Cleveland Press. His full length collection of haiku, breaths, is available on vanZeno Press. He is a graduate of the Naropa University Low Residency MFA program in Creative Writing. He stomps around Cleveland in a purple bathrobe where he hosts the monthly Deep Cleveland Poetry hour, enjoys the beer at Brew Kettle, and collects Pendleton shirts.

Steve Goble is a journalist living in rural Ohio. He writes fantasy, horror and science fiction, plus some poetry. One of his short stories, "The Gods-Forsaken World," was an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008, edited by Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant. He has published more than 20 short stories in the last couple of years, in such venues as Flashing Swords ezine, All Possible Worlds Magazine and in anthologies from Rogue Blades Entertainment and Ricasso Press. He has written a novel, and is writing another while seeking a publisher. He invites you to visit his blog, Swords Against Boredom.

Terry Hickman lives in the Great Plains where she makes a living trying to protect water quality and wetlands. She pays the mortgage on her house for the benefit of her three cats, who don't appreciate it but sure do expect it. She has had numerous short stories published in a variety of small press and online magazines, including "The Battle of Newhome" at Sam's Dot Publications.

Carl Hose's work has appeared in the zombie anthology Cold Storage, which he co-edited. His work has also appeared in Champagne Shivers 2007, DeathGrip: It Came from the Cinema, DeathGrip: Exit Laughing, the horror-romance anthology Loving the Undead, the erotic paranormal ghost anthology Beyond Desire, and several issues of Lighthouse Digest. His adult credits include fiction in Bi-Times, Swinging Times, Ruthie's Club, and the erotic anthology Frenzy. Carl's nonfiction has appeared in The Blue Review, Rave, and The Writer's Journal. Carl lives in Georgia with his lovely fiancee Marcella and their two boys (with a baby on the way). You can visit his web site, Writer's Inkwell.

Clinton Lawrence is a high school science teacher. His fiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy, Galaxy, Reflection's Edge, and a number of other publications. He lives in Davis, California.

Aurelio Rico Lopez III is an avid fan of the "weird stuff." His tales have been featured in numerous anthologies such as Cold Flesh (Hellbound Books), Black Box (Brimstone Press), Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic (Raven Electrick Ink), and Read by Dawn Vol. 3 (Bloody Books). Aurelio hails from Iloilo City, Philippines.

Mark Onspaugh is a native Californian who grew up on a steady diet of horror, science fiction and DC Comics. A proud member of the HWA., he writes screenplays, short stories and novels. He was also one of the writers of the cult movie favorite "Flight of the Living Dead". He lives in Los Osos, CA with his wife, author/artist Dr. Tobey Crockett. His website is markonspaugh.com.

Mark Lee Pearson is an Englishman living in Japan with his wife and two little monsters. He is a teacher of English, translator, and writer of tall tales. His stories have appeared online and in print at various places. He is currently working on a Hideki novel. For more information see his blog at markleepearson.blogspot.com.

Terrie Leigh Relf, AKA The Boortean Ambassador to Haura (which is the planet Earth, for those of you who don't speak Boortean), lives in Ocean Beach, in San Diego, CA. While there's only one moon in the night sky, the cliffs and caves, the rocks and tidepools do remind her of home. The anemones are much, much smaller, though, and haven't yet developed a taste for human flesh.

Brian Rosenberger lives in a cellar in Marietta, GA and writes by the light of captured fireflies. He was last seen in the company of Sushi, a featured dancer at Innsmouth's infamous Thrills and Gills Gentleman's Club. News about upcoming and recent publications can be found at his web site. Approach with caution ... or bourbon.

Robert J. Santa has been writing speculative fiction for more than twenty years. His work has appeared in Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction, On Spec, Horror Garage, Artemis and in Chaosiums's Frontier Cthulhu (edited by William Jones). He lives and works in Rhode Island, USA, where he derives constant inspiration and joy from his beautiful wife and two, equally beautiful daughters. Robert is also the chief cook-and-bottle-washer for Ricasso Press and invites you to his website to have a look at a fellow small press dedicated to fantasy fiction.

Marge Ballif Simon freelances as a writer-poet-illustrator for genre and mainstream publications. Current collections: Christina's World (prose), Legends of the Fallen Sky with Malcolm Deeley (prose/poetry), Like Birds in the Rain (prose), Sam’s Dot Publications and Night Smoke (verse), with Bruce Boston, Kelp Queen Publications. Her self illustrated poetry collection, Artist of Antithesis, was finalist for a Bram Stoker Award in 2004. In 2008, she won the Stoker for Best Poetry Collection for VECTORS: A Week in the Death of a Planet (with Charlee Jacob). Marge is former president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and now serves as editor of Star*Line.

Laura J. Underwood is a fantasy author with a number of tales in print, including Song of Silver (Dark Regions Press), Bad Lands with Selina Rosen (Five Star Press 2007), The Lunari Mask (Yard Dog Press 2007) and The Green Women (Sam's Dot Publishing 2008). When not writing, she's First Assistant at the Carter Branch of the Knox County Public Library System. Occasionally she plays harp and wields swords as a member of the SFWA Musketeers. She lives in East Tennessee with a cat of few grey cells and her folks. For more information visit her web page.

Scott Virtes has had over 400 stories & poems published since 1986. His works have appeared in Nature (Jun 2009), Analog (July/Aug 2007, Jan 1997), Space & Time, Ideomancer, Star*Line, Cafe Irreal, Illumen, and many more. He has two story collections and 5 poetry chapbooks available. You can watch him die in "Master and Commander", but he's okay now. Home page: http://scott.virtes.com

William Blake Vogel III writes a unique brand of Classic Horror that bleeds with an old school grit. Influenced by the likes of Poe and Lovecraft, Vogel's style of Dark/Horror reflects a deep love for the genre. He currently is working on his zombie opus, "The New Normal." He is the most published poet in Champagne Shivers Magazine's history, and his work is often seen in Night To Dawn Magazine. W.B. Vogel has sold pieces to Grafika Magazine, Champagne Shivers Magazine, Abyss & Apex, etc. He has also appeared in various anthologies including Open Graves (2004), Potter's Field (2005), Zombies (2007), Barren Worlds (2008), Abominations (2008), Age Of Blood And Snow (2008), etc. Editor's Note: "Billy" Vogel died before the Book of Tentacles went to press. He will be missed.

Stephen M. Wilson is Poetry Editor for Doorways Magazine and co editor of the Dwarf Stars Award anthology. His own writing has appeared recently or is upcoming in The Vault of Punk Horror, Hungur, Star*Line and The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. He received an honorable mention from Ellen Datlow in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 19 (2006) as well as a Gaylactic Spectrum Award nomination and several Rhysling Award nominations. Visit his web site anytime.

Billy Wong is an avid fan of heroic fantasy, with a special love for hardcore warriors of the fairer sex. His fiction has appeared in many venues including Afterburn SF, Sorcerous Signals, and The Written Word. A full list of his published works can be found here.