Come here . . . but not so close that 
THEY can reach you.  Not so close that 
THEY can whisper their secrets into your ear.
THEY know the frailty of our minds, and the 
joy of perverting sanity.  THEY long to share 
their stories of how the human race falls, of 
sacrificed princes, and of mad women roaming 
the streets of lost cities.  THEY have tales 
to tell of murder, mystery, magic, and of 
things you cannot see.

THEY want you to listen.  THEY want you to know.

Now come here.  But not too close ... 
or the tentacles will find you.

- strange last words of the mysterious Edward J.

the book of tentacles
is a fun collection of "weird tales" and poems
covering a wide range of genres ... showcasing
the many flavors of tentacles.
The tentacles have arrived. And they're extra squishy.
Now available!.
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April 2010 review by Flo Stanton

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